Surveillance DB™: For Database Security

Comprehensive audit reports and security alerts helps to mitigate risks to your critical database environments.


In these times, proactively monitoring for hacking is a REQUIREMENT and paramount to reducing exposure and damages. Bradmark's Surveillance DB provides multiple levels of monitoring and reporting to detect and prevent sustained attacks from threats internal and external including:

  • Dozens of real-time alerts of suspicious activity
  • Extensive audit reports
  • Forensic analysis of audit trails of specific activities
  • Security alert dashboard

To accomplish this, Surveillance has:

  • Different monitoring levels based on need (compliance level, operational level, etc.)
  • Lightweight operational auditing (in addition to native database auditing)
  • Scalable deployments
  • Easy setup and maintenance

Surveillance provides IT professionals essential system visibility to capture comprehensive views of overall system health, and perform comprehensive drill-downs to determine the root cause of performance bottlenecks. Whether you are running a data warehouse application, high availability online transaction systems or a regular database, Surveillance provides you peace-of-mind, knowing that your database systems are up and running and performing to agreed service levels.



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