Surveillance RS™: For Sybase Replication Server

Surveillance RS monitors the availability and performance of the Sybase Replication Server. In conjunction with the ASE and operating system components, Surveillance provides a complete view of your Sybase infrastructure. One window, with entensive drill-down capabilities, provides a high-level overview of real-time performance metrics such as thread status, partition utilization, inbound SQM activity, outbound DSI queues, transaction exceptions, memory utilization and the status of warm standby pairs.

Additionally, configuration of the Replication Server is monitored, including all configuration parameters stored in the RSSD that affect operations. The full functionality of Surveillance RS is available to implement custom rules and alerts for the organizational and operational requirements of the business.

"Bradmark works closely with the Sybase user community to determine what the community needs for modern data management tools. Surveillance reflects Bradmark's community-driven approach that helps extend its position as a recommended vendor for monitoring and event management technology for Sybase ASE, Replication Server, Mirror Activator and Sybase IQ, which are all key products that implement Sybase's Unwired Enterprise strategy."

— Sumit Kundu
Senior director of product management, Sybase

Replication Server Health screen