Success Stories: Recognized by Leading Corporations

PDXAs a leader in pharmacy technology, National Health Systems, Inc. provides one of the industry's highest regarded, best-in-class accounts receivable reconciliation services. A large number of Pharmacy chains across the U.S. depend on this service for accurate reconciliation, accessible data, and superior information analysis. Learn how NHS-affiliate companies PDX, NHIN, and rely on Bradmark Technologies to monitor the Sybase backend of the AbsoluteAR system to maintain the high availability required by pharmacies that depend on the technology.

Central Vermont Public ServicesCentral Vermont Public Service (CVPS) is the largest electric company in Vermont. More than 159,000 customers in 163 communities rely on the electrical service CVPS provides. Bradmark customer since the mid-1990s, learn how CVPS relies on Surveillance DB for real-time database monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities of its Sybase ASE databases, and their recent expanded use of the product in its diverse IT environment including Oracle and SQL Server.

KBMGA leader in providing the full spectrum of data-driven marketing solutions, KBM Group (KBMG) helps businesses use their data to improve their marketing performance, increase profits and ROI. Part of KBM Group’s business focuses on ‘database marketing services’ that involves keeping critical database information available for their client’s marketing campaigns. As usage of the database increased, insight into the database became difficult to manage. See how Surveillance IQ enables KBMG to improve availability of critical data and ensure visibility within their Sybase IQ environment.

ESOThe European Organization for Astronomical Research (ESO) is one of the world’s leading research organizations. It carries out an ambitious program focused on the design, construction, and operation of powerful ground-based observing facilities for astronomy, to enable important scientific discoveries. When ESO looked to vastly improve their database monitoring capabilities, they turn to Bradmark's Surveillance DB for support of their complete Sybase infrastructure.

BCBS of MichiganBlue Care Network of Michigan (BCN) is Michigan’s largest health maintenance organization, and is a wholly-owned, nonprofit subsidiary of BlueCross® BlueShield® of Michigan. With data management requirements typical of an HMO, BCN has a large data store encompassing membership information and complex insurance plan options that dictate the amounts paid by BCN and its individual members. The final piece of the architecture is monitoring and validating the integrity of this unique, hosted replication process with Surveillance DB for Sybase ASE and Replication Server.

TransUnionTransUnion recognized it needed to upgrade portions of its information technology infrastructure, and turned to Sybase for possible solutions. The company was specifically interested in Sybase IQ, and after deployment, TransUnion added Surveillance DB for Sybase that allows TransUnion to monitor and maintain Sybase IQ while also ensuring all users receive the level of service they need when submitting queries.

UK Patent OfficeThe UK Patent Office had a rapidly growing Oracle environment and whilst the Oracle Corporation provided a tool to monitor and manage a single Oracle database, there was no tool to monitor their 15+ Oracle databases simultaneously from one client. Surveillance DB was able to provide a cohesive solution to this requirement of comprehensive and proactive database management.

Inverclyde Council

The Council looked for an alternative means of monitoring and controlling the instances, and considered several off-the-shelf packages for this purpose. Amongst these were Spotlight, Patrol and the Oracle Enterprise Manager, together with the DBControl and Surveillance offerings.