Surveillance DB™: Monitoring for SAP Sybase ASE

The recommended choice for top-tier database management, Surveillance DB™ provides comprehensive, real-time monitoring of detailed performance metrics and user activity in support of SAP Sybase ASE's extreme transaction processing environment and beyond.

Provides full support for ASE 16.0 SP02

Surveillance delivers more powerful monitoring capabilities to ensure SAP applications run faster on SAP ASE. New monitoring functionality include:

  • Agile historical analysis - Top SQL by hour
  • Detailed ASE Spinlock analysis - Histograms of data cache partitions spinlocks
  • Timed event analysis for running or recent ASE SQL
  • Support for ASE database encryption

Surveillance utilizes ASE MDA tables to monitor over 2500 metrics. The unattended, event management feature allows users to get immediate feedback of performance issues on ASE servers throughout the enterprise. Surveillance ships with a comprehensive set of pre-defined rules and alerts that can be easily configured and can utilize statistics available from Monitor Server, DBCC or MDA monitor views.

Suveillance ASE Spinlock Activity - Histograms