DBControl: Database Reorg & Administration Tool

Implement structural change and perform database reorganizations without impacting user productivity or application availability.

The new global market makes demands on information technology systems around the clock. At any time of day, it's the prime business hour somewhere in the world. The Internet and electronic commerce allow people to order goods and services at any hour.

With traditional database reorganization methods, international companies with geographically dispersed users cannot avoid locking out some of their users. When that happens, retrieving data involves extensive CPU, I/O and elapsed time, costing time, money and end-user productivity. In turn, customers are lost and revenue decreases. To reduce these costs, data must be reorganized.

Bradmark's DBControl provides the capability to reorganize database tables and its respective objects while transactions are running against it. In addition to reorganizations, DBControl provides a rich set of database management features gives organizations the ability to automate and simplify complex, routine, and error-prone tasks.

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Announcing New DBControl 3.1 Release

See latest enhancements below:

Enhanced Job System
There is a completely new UI for managing jobs in DBControl, and the job system has been enhanced with the following:

  • Hierarchy and dependencies for multi-object reorgs
  • No more 2 or 3 concurrent job limit
  • Easily restart failed jobs or job phases
  • Job log kept in the database instead of on the filesystem
  • Multi-database jobs o More opportunities to do roll-forward recovery
  • Reorg space analysis stored in the database
  • Filters for the job list based on time and status
  • Grantable role for using the job system
Configurable Ports
The ports and schema used by DBControl can now be configured, to allow custom or multiple (on UNIX or Linux) installations.
Schema Comparison and Evolution
Compare whole schemas between databases and produce jobs that will evolve one database to match the schema of another.

Reorg Advanced Options UI
An Advanced Options UI is available in single-table online reorg that allows you to set several fxconfig.ora options as per-reorg options
Better support for SAP Business Suite
Online reorg automatically updates SAP control tables with new tablespace information