Surveillance DB™: For Informix Database Monitoring

Essential tools for real-time performance monitoring, issue identification and resolution, rules-based event management, data repository and reporting


Surveillance DB™ for IBM Informix provides best-in-class database monitoring and event management technology to ensure optimum availability for simple to complex IT infrastructures. Utilizing real-time monitoring, unattended event management, and historical data analysis tools, IT professionals have the ability to capture comprehensive views of overall health, and perform comprehensive drill-downs to identify and eliminate operational and performance bottlenecks.

Key capabilities for Informix database include:

  • Monitoring sessions
  • Displaying breakdown of session wait events
  • Monitoring currently executing statements
  • Monitoring locks
  • Displaying blocked process trees
  • Monitoring DBSpace usage
  • Monitoring chunk space usage and I/O
  • Displaying and changing configuration options