Surveillance Professional Services

servicesCost-cutting measures have created extremely lean IT staff performing expanded duties with high service level expectations. As a result, IT departments now have fewer well-trained DBAs, making the tasks of the DBA an around-the-clock challenge. The good news is Bradmark can help you maintain order within your IT environments through the use of Bradmark Surveillance, as well as support your deployment with Professional Services – whether you are new to Surveillance, or have an established implementation.

Once the decision is made to invest in Bradmark's Surveillance technology, Professional Services offers a series of customizable consulting services, allowing you to choose from those that best meet your needs - ranging from validation, migration, implementation, and knowledge transfer; to project planning and training.

Also learn how Bradmark enables SAP Managed Services to help businesses free up resources and reduce overall costs.



Surveillance QuickStart

An interactive engagement with a Surveillance expert, the Surveillance QuickStart is product-related consulting for new customers to guide you through the installation and configuration of the Surveillance products in your environment. Typically three days long, this cost-effective program will mitigate common risks encountered during deployment, getting you started immediately and up to speed quickly.


Surveillance HealthCheck

Designed for existing customers, our Surveillance HealthCheck enagement will explore production systems to determine if the installed products are leveraged for their best use. Working closely with your staff, this minimum 5 day engagement is designed to help customers realize the long-term benefits associated with performing proactive resource utilization assessments customized for your Surveillance environment.


Surveillance Migration

Migration from an earlier version of Surveillance.


Surveillance Advanced Custom Package

A custom package that combines elements or Advanced Surveillance features such as Training, Reporting, Deployment, and Customization. Bradmark will provide a resources for up to the total of the number of days required.


Surveillance Certification/Training

This course covers product installation, configuration, administration, and usage. Hands-on labs are included to allow the participants to experience and experiment with the concepts presented in the class .