Product Overview

Essential Database Management Tools for Optimum IT  System Operations

With over 35 years in the IT software industry, Bradmark continues to achieve real-world expertise in the development of top-tier, database management tools. To help mitigate risk and ensure the efficiency of your organizations digital assets, Bradmark provides advanced solutions to automate many of the manual tasks that a DBA must perform daily are essential.

Bradmark’s flagship product suite for the relational database market is comprised of two core products: Bradmark Surveillance™ and DBControl Online™ — comprehensive, automated tools providing powerful performance monitoring and data administration capabilities to ensure availability for applications, databases and underlying technology. Supporting critical database investments that run on UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems, Bradmark tools provide a single, integrated solution for DBAs to manage multi-database, multi-OS system enterprise environments.

Surveillance DB

Proactive database monitoring that quickly identifies problems and alerts DBAs before impacting data availability. Ensures peace-of-mind of knowing that databases that are the core of your business applications are being continually monitored.

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Surveillance OS

Provides highly flexible OS Heartbeat Monitoring for monitoring one or more servers. Configure to minimize overhead on either the server or the network while implementing redundancy for greater reliability.

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Surveillance DB Control

Database Reorganization and Performance tools allow DBAs to effectively manage and control Oracle or DB2 UDB databases. By speeding up and simplifying routine tasks, these powerful tool reduces errors and increases productivity.

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MCAP is a Big Data Analytics Platform with an ultra-high performance database and Big Data middleware that is fully installed, configured, tested and managed. MCAP provides best-of-breed compute, network, and storage technologies from VCE, EMC, CISCO and mLogica with ultra-high performance data ingest and query speeds, and ultra-high speed reporting and analytics.

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Legacy HP3000 Tools

Since 1981, Bradmark continues to support and specialize in database tools for the HP e3000 MPE/ IMAGE environment to monitor, manage, and alter the structure of the database, as well as providing diagnostic tools to detect and correct defects.

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