Company History

Bradmark Technologies (orginally known as Bradmark Computer Systems), began in Buffalo, New York in 1981. President and founder, Bradley Tashenberg wrote a simple database program that supported the Hewlett-Packard 3000 mid-range systems where many of the world's largest companies rely on to support their critical business operations. Gaining immediate acceptance within the user base community, the program was expanded to a product called DBGeneral®.

Over the first ten years, Bradmark earned a leading position having generated more than $100 million in revenue in the HP 3000 market space. Providing a single software solution to managing all aspects of the MPE/IMAGE database, DBGeneral soon developed into the most comprehensive database management tool available. Bradmark additionally offered a variety of other value added products that supported the life of the 3000 environment such as DBAudit and Superdex.

In June of 2000, Bradmark committed to the RDBMS-tools segment with the acquisition of Pace Systems. With the additional modules and the extended scope of the new product line, Bradmark branded its RDBMS-tools NORAD®. Consisting of eight different modules, Bradmark announced the first version of its new NORAD Surveillance product for Oracle, which provided real-time monitoring, event management and historical trending for the Oracle DBA.

The Pace acquisition provided additional R&D developers used in the continued product development, and it finalized an eight-year relationship between Bradmark and Pace. Additionally, it expanded the scope of the original Enterprise architecture to encompass a general operating system and niche application monitoring.

And in 2002, Bradmark announced its Surveillance monitoring product line that featured the first available unified product architecture, and enabled DBAs to proactively manage their simple to complex systems across Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft’s SQL Server, and DB2-UDB database environments. This gave the industry watchers a clear sign of our future strategy, tactics and dedication to the segment. As stated by Dennis Drogseth, Director for Enterprise Management Associates, "IT administrators require a comprehensive tool set to ensure that the business critical systems under their watch perform at acceptable levels. Forming strategic partnerships to bring these solutions to the market faster helps DBAs, System Administrators and Application Administrators do their job more effectively. "

In 2005, Sybase selected Bradmark as a strategic alliance partner and signed a master reseller’s agreement, enabling Sybase to offer Bradmark’s flagship monitoring solution directly to its customers through both its direct sales force and worldwide partnerships.

Through SAP’s acquisition of Sybase in 2010, Bradmark became an SAP database and technology reseller in 2012 — offering SAP ASE, IQ and Replication Server products and services, along with SAP’s HANA in-memory database.

A Cornerstone of Support

One of the leading pioneers to offer 24x7x365 technical support in the industry, Bradmark's cornerstone of success is placing an emphasis on ensuring the success of its customers by providing a quality product coupled with the highest level of customer support.