Legacy HP 3000 System Tools

Hewlett-Packard discontinues sales and support for the HP e3000

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Since 1981, Bradmark has valued its longstanding relationship with our customers and the HP 3000 user community. To date, we continue to see and support a loyal following utilizing this highly dependable HP e3000 IMAGE database and MPE system environment.

As a HP e3000 Americas partner, we will continue to support the HP 3000 community by offering the same high-quality products and services that has helped over 3 decades of HP users meet their database management needs.


dbgeneral for IMAGE database DBGeneral is the defacto standard of the HP 3000 IMAGE database environment by helping DBAs keep their systems performing efficiently and effectively. DBGeneral provides many easy-to-use options that boost performance and identify critical problems, and making database repairs as needed.
superdex Through superior indexing technology, Bradmark brings all the capabilities of relational database access to the HP 3000. SUPERDEX provides a fast and compatible indexing enhancement package that adds data retrieval speed and flexibility to IMAGE, TurboIMAGE, TurboIMAGE/XL and IMAGE/SQL databases.
dbaudit DBAudit analyzes IMAGE log files, modifies databases, creates audit trails and monitors database security. The DBAudit utility provides an easy method for generating database transaction analysis reports, and a valuable audit trail to support the compliance process.
diskspace manager Disk Space Manager performs all the functions of a typical reload on-line. With defragmentation, fragmented free space is no longer a problem. A single command combines small, unusable free chunks into larger, usable ones.