Surveillance DB™ Express Edition

Deploy ultra fast and affordable visibility to ensure the health of your most critical data performance demands... as low as $4500 a server!


A streamline version of our robust enterprise toolset, Surveillance Express Edition delivers out-of-the-box monitoring capabilities for small, mid-range and enterprise operations — providing all of the standard functions: real-time monitoring, event management with alarming and alerting. To ensure immediate database system visibility, Surveillance Express provides ultra fast installation that monitors your most critical preformance metrics.

Surveillance Express specifications:


SAP ASE, IQ, Replication Sever and MS SQL Server support
Limited to a single server (up to 8 cores)
Monitor 20+ of the most critical high-level metrics Including CPU, disk I/O, memory, cache, and space usage
See current running SQL, with plans
Alerts dashboard (green/yellow/red) checking on the most critical high-level metrics and long-running SQL
Web client access for many users
Fast installation. Configure a database connection, and monitoring begins immediately