Online Product Webinars/Tutorials

The following are recorded technical webinars addressing relevant issue and best practices facing today's DBAs as well as the automated tools needed to ensure proactive infrastructure management.


SAP Sybase Webinar Series: Spring 2020

Whether organizations choose to maintain their on-premise investment, to move to the cloud or both, businesses worldwide continue to rely on the high-performance SAP Sybase database systems to power their IT operations. Hear from leading SAP Sybase experts in our 3-part SAP webinar series, and learn about the latest capabilities and innovations being made for SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, SAP IQ, and SAP Replication Server.

Manage SAP Sybase and HANA on AWS featuring Surveillance DB™ Monitoring

July 2019
Surveillance Monitoring Session; 40 mins

In conjunction with the live SAP-AWS Database Modernization event in New York, Bradmark's Edward Stangler, R&D Director, discuss essential aspects of monitoring and managing critical database workloads across your SAP Sybase environment to achieve a successful transition to AWS Cloud.

What Makes HANA Tick... Featuring Surveillance DB™

December 2016
Surveillance Monitoring SAP HANA Webcast; 40 mins


Expand your SAP HANA IQ, and hear SAP's Peter Thawley, Vice President & Chief Technology Advisor, HANA Platform & Databases, and Bradmark's Edward Stangler, R&D Director, discuss the various aspects of what to watch out for, and how to effectively address key issues in managing your SAP HANA environment.

Surveillance DB™ Performance Monitoring: Product Preview and Roadmap

August 2016
Surveillance Database Monitoring Webcast; 40 mins

Bradmark's Edward Stangler, Lab Manager, Surveillance Products showcases the upcoming Surveillance 4.7 release and product roadmap. During this one-hour webcast, you will get a first-hand look at new and expanded monitoring capabilities to help IT operations maintain exceptional database performance and availability.

SAP Database Security – From Auditing to Encryption and Back featuring Peter Thawley

October 2015
Bradmark-SAP Database TechCast; 60 mins

Ensuring highly secure databases does not come from a single feature or function. Like the proverbial onion, keeping your name out of the headlines requires technologies and operational processes, all working together to ensure data is protected. Guest speaker Peter Thawley, VP & Chief Technology Advisor ASE Engineering, SAP Products & Innovation, discusses how key SAP customers are solving this broad dilemma with particular emphasis on key database provided capabilities.

Validate Your Current DBMS Roadmap for Successful IT Growth

September 2014
Bradmark Readiness TechCast; 60 mins

Guest speaker Jeff Garbus, consulting and database expert at Soaring Eagle addresses the key challenges IT departments face that effect the outcome of any software/hardware upgrade, platform change or virtualization projects. This informative session is a must see for companies looking to minimize risk and prevent unwanted impact to their business.

SAP Sybase Replication Server – Futures and Roadmap

December 2013
Bradmark TechCast Series-#3; 50 mins

Guest speaker Chis Brown, Solution Advisor Expert, SAP Database and Technologies, discuss how the latest version of SAP Sybase Replication Server replicates transactional data for non-SAP applications in real time directly into SAP HANA - without slowing or disrupting the systems that are running the business. Also hear from Bradmark's database expert Bill Baker, who will deep dive into key monitoring essentials utlizing Surveillance DB to ensure effective SAP Replication Server efficiency.

SAP IQ – Tap into Big Data at the Speed of Business

October 2013
Bradmark TechCast Series-#2; 50 mins

Guest speaker Courtney Claussen, Director of Product Management, SAP, will discuss how SAP Sybase IQ 16 makes it simpler and more cost-effective to exploit the value of massive amounts of data at the speed of business, helping to transform companies through new insights that were previously impossible or impractical. Also hear from Bradmark's database expert Bill Baker, who will deep dive into key monitoring essentials utlizing Surveillance DB to ensure effective SAP IQ efficiency.

SAP Sybase ASE – New capabilities for improved performance and scalability on large databases

October 2013
Bradmark TechCast Series-#1; 50 mins

Guest speaker Peter Thawley, vice president and general manager, Global Database Solutions, SAP, covers the new features in SAP Sybase ASE 15.7 and explain how you can benefit from them, along with Bradmark's database expert Bill Baker, who will deep dive into key monitoring essentials utlizing Surveillance DB to ensure effective SAP ASE efficiency.

Secrets of SQL Monitoring with MDA in ASE 15.0.3 and Beyond

April 2012
ASE Virtual Users Group Webcast; 40 mins

This advanced, technical session will address what various SQL, RPCs, stored procedures, and batches look like in the MDA tables and how to calculate their metrics in Sybase ASE 15.0.3 and later. The impact from other Sybase ASE features, such as statement cache and Cluster Edition will also be explored, as well as related issues about pipe sizing, monitoring performance, and more.

Essentials to Monitoring IQ 15.4 Performance

November 2011
Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ; 40 mins


This webcast is part of a continuing series of events for the ISUG IQ Virtual Users Group. Hear from guest speaker Rob Verschoor, Senior Technology Evangelist with Sybase, discuss the need for value-added tools designed to optimize columnar database technology.

Delivering Optimum Sybase IQ Efficiency Ensures High Availability Demands

May 2011
Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ; 40 mins

This webcast is part of a continuing series of events for the Sybase FSI-IQ User Group that are designed to highlight columnar database technology with essential solutions to exploit Sybase IQ.

Extreme Availability With ASE Cluster Edition

Fall 2010
Surveillance DB for ASE Cluster Edition; 40 mins

Learn how you can ensure your ASE Cluster Edition systems are up and running and performing to agreed upon service levels. You'll learn how to identify potential problems before they happen, reduce database downtime, and virtually eliminate troubleshooting.

The Keys to Maximizing Uptime and Availability

Surveillance DB for Sybase ASE/RepServer; 40 mins


Hear about all the latest new features of Surveillance 4.1, and learn how Surveillance solutions can take you from chaos to proactive infrastructure management.

Surveillance for Sybase; 40 mins

Hear how Surveillance satisfies an organization’s system management requirements across a complete Sybase installation, so you can maintain a production-ready environment and your peace of mind.