The Surveillance 4.7 Release

This release bolsters Bradmark's continuing development of its premier performance monitoring solution to ensure essential system visibility and management for enterprise database environments.

Below highlights key enhancement:


New Surveillance Express Edition

A subset of our more robust product toolset, Surveillance Express offers best-in-class monitoring capabilities for small and mid-range enterprises.  By monitoring only the most critical metrics, Surveillance Express provides streamlined installation for immediate database system visibility.

New SAP HANA Scale-Out

  • Surveillance supports both single and multi-node SAP HANA installations

SQL Time Slicing

The Surveillance Time-Slicing feature enables DBAs to quickly zero-in on critical resource consumption within a selected time period, so that they can see and address specific application or database performance issues that may have occurred.

Whether it’s an application, nightly batch run or a round-the-clock 7/24 operation, Surveillance will save you time gathering information by providing ad-hoc analysis of top SQL within a specific time range (by hour or by day) to either identify a possible pain area, or determine that it’s not a database related issue at all.

Learn how SQL Time Slicing enhances your ability to maintain system efficiency and "peace-of-mind". Download our Feature Overview!


Additional benefits to Time-Slicing: 

Compare and check impact changes of EOW, EOM jobs or tasks.  Or, use to compare increases or decreases of EOW, EOM jobs and find out about crucial trends or sudden changes.  
Evaluate the impact of query runs 
Help development teams and application builders check the impact of query changes.

New Web Client Reporting

Surveillance now provides long-term historical reporting via the web client.  Data is mined from the Central Repository database, i.e. to show database space growth over several months.  Reporting can be extended with User-defined Reports (UDRs).

Fully Asynchronous Collections

Collectors and other components have been enhanced to gather metrics more asynchronously, providing a more reliable, scalable, and responsive product.