Legacy HP e3000 Tools


The premier indexing tool that unlocks powerful data retrieval from your IMAGE database.

Through superior indexing technology, Bradmark brings all the capabilities of a relational database to the HP 3000. SUPERDEX provides a faster, cost-effective and compatible indexing enhancement package that adds data retrieval speed and flexibility to IMAGE, TurboIMAGE, TurboIMAGE/XL and IMAGE/SQL databases.


Additional benefits place SUPERDEX in a performance category of its own.

IMAGE keys are no longer required to ensure that reports and lookups occur quickly. Now any field in any dataset can be a key. SUPERDEX allows the use of Boolean operators (and, or, not) to eliminate serial reads, dramatically reducing computing time. Interfaces for many common Fourth-Generation Languages are available minimizing the time required to make use of new keys.


With SUPERDEX, TPI indexes are registered into the DBE of the IMAGE/SQL attached database, and provides a needed tool when trying to eliminate parallel scans against your TurboIMAGE data.

Key Benefits

  • Faster response for users...
    Serial reads are eliminated, while search options are expanded. Now, any field in the dataset can be a key.
  • SQL SELECT performance...
    SQL Optimizer has access to TPI indexes, speeding SQL SELECT performance.
  • QUERY/3000...
    Query can access TurboIMAGE data via INDEXES. Flexible index definitions... Concatenated, byte offset, grouping, supergrouping and keywording provide the right index for the situation.
  • Multiple retrieval methods...
    Sorted sequential, generic and partial key, and SQL-like relational arguments provide the right retrieval for the situation.
  • Flexible date formats...
    MANMAN and PowerHouse dates can be converted into an internal format, allowing ASCII retrievals for dates.