DBControl™: For IBM DB2-UDB

Database administration and schema evolution for DB2 Universal Database environments.


DBControl™ allows DBAs to manage and control their databases by speeding up and simplifying routine tasks, this powerful tool reduces errors and increases productivity. DBControl for DB2 UDB allows a DBA to easily manipulate the structure of large DB2 tables. For very large tables, options are provided to set commit intervals, or utilize the DB2 Load facility.

For enterprises where sites are geographically dispersed, DBControl contains an enhanced schema evolution functionality that allows users to propagate schema changes on multiple-objects to many different databases. This very powerful feature facilitates coordination of schema changes from a central location or allows each local administrator to perform the job.

Take complete control of your IBM DB2 Universal Database

DBControl provides a rich set of database management features that will ease or eliminate error-prone or time-consuming tasks.