DBControl™: DB2-UDB Feature Set

DBControl provides a rich set of database management features that will ease or eliminate error-prone or time-consuming tasks.

As databases grow and the demands for availability increase, it is critical for a DBA to correctly manage the allocation of space in the database. DBControl for DB2 UDB provides Structural Change, Object Reorganization and Tablespace Management capabilities to ensure data availability and minimize the risk of unplanned downtime.

Structural Change extends the capabilities of the database's Data Dictionary Language (DDL) for modifying table structure by automating functionality that is not available with standard DDL.


The Tablespace Map quickly and effortlessly identifies fragmentation of the physical layout of extents in all of the containers that comprise a tablespace. Each rectangle represents one extent and is labeled as table, index or LOB segment. Fragmentation can be identified by touching one rectangle with the mouse pointer, which highlights all the extents for that object.

The Tablespace Map can also find the high water mark in DMS tablespace containers. DBControl's Object Reorganization feature can be used to eliminate fragmentation, resulting in a reduction of multiblock reads. DBControl will ensure that all referential integrity, privileges, indexes, and dependant objects are intact upon completion of the reorganization.


The Schema Comparison feature allows DBAs to compare the schema objects of one database to the objects in another database. Pinpointing these differences can avoid availability problems when differences prevent users from accessing or entering data. A comparison of the Schema Object's structure includes identifying missing columns, columns with different data types, missing constraints, and different storage parameters.

Propagate schema changes... on multiple objects to many different databases. Coordinate these changes from a central location or allow each local administrator to perform the job independently.


Prevent downtime and increase efficiency. By managing the allocation of space, DBControl allows you to identify, correct and prevent space allocation problems.


Reorganize and restructure data. To eliminate the underlying causes of poor performance, increase availability by pinpointing differences between schema objects inside the databases, which can lead to availability and performance problems.


Leverage scarce resources. DBControl gives DBAs the ability to automate and simplify complex, routine, and error-prone tasks so they can concentrate on more analytical tasks.