SAP ASE Editions Overview

The gateway to transforming your business with advanced analytics and real-time insights. Packaged and priced for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), SAP ASE enterprise editions combine database, data integration, analytic processing, and application services in a single platform.


Analyze your system and scalability requirements to determine which edition of SAP ASE is appropriate for your enterprise.

  • SAP ASE Edge Edition

    Enterprise Edition – has no limit on scalability and supports all of the options that can be purchased or licensed separately.

  • Platform Edition – has no limit on scalability. Some options are included and others can be purchased or licensed separately. Does not include the Disaster recovery package.

  • Edge Edition – has limited scalability, and supports a limited set of the options that are purchased or licensed separately.

  • Express Edition – (Linux x86-64 platform) has limited scalability, memory, and database size.