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Surveillance DB™ Monitors Critical Data Transactions for Leading FACETS Customers

— Proactive monitoring toolset reduces IT costs and provides SaaS platform for healthcare industry providers —


HOUSTON, Texas — May 18, 2010 — Bradmark Technologies, Inc., an established provider of application solutions for database management, announces its flagship product, Surveillance DB™, has been selected by industry leading FACETS users, like Blue Care Network of Michigan, Kansas City, Wellpoint and others as their monitoring solution of choice to ensure overall system efficiency by reducing the time to identify and resolve database issues and track departmental usage.

SurveillanceDB™ provides essential tools for real-time monitoring, issue identification and resolution, rules-based event management, data archiving and reporting. The product’s architecture is client/agent based allowing for n+1 scalability to an unlimited number of servers and the product also monitors the OS to ensure data integrity. “The need to maintain a real-time snapshot of daily transactions for corporate reporting and analysis becomes increasingly apparent for leading HMOs and managed care companies,” said Bradley Tashenberg, CEO, Bradmark Technologies. “These organizations require mission-critical infrastructure solutions for uninterrupted availability, optimal performance, and fast (even real-time) integration of data between multiple systems and locations,” says Tashenberg.

Surveillance Monitors Critical Processes for BCN of Michigan

For more than 70 years Blue Care Network for Michigan (BCN) has been dedicated to helping lower the cost of individual’s insurance and improve Michigan's people, communities, economy and health care system. It is Michigan’s largest health maintenance organization, and a wholly-owned, nonprofit subsidiary of BlueCross® BlueShield®. With data management requirements typical of an HMO, BCN utilizes a large data store encompassing membership information and complex insurance plan options that dictate the amounts paid by BCN and its individual members. BCN is a hosted client of TriZetto’s FACETS software using Sybase Replication to replicate OLTP data from TriZetto’s Denver site to their Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) operational data store in Detroit. Operational reports are ran every evening against the ASE database, as well as run ETL scripts that take the data from this operational data store and populate our analytical data warehouse. To run efficiently, BCN deployed Surveillance to monitor and manage its data stores for health and heart beat. “The Bradmark Surveillance client gives us detailed exception information and statistics on data volumes and latency. It gives a complete and holistic view in a more pictorial way,” said Raj Vunnam, Chief Architect, Blue Care Network of Michigan.

Key Surveillance benefits:

  • User configurable Graphical User Interface for ease of configuration
  • Monitors over 2500 metrics from exposed database tables (no network or OS sniffing)
  • Automated event management – kick off or shut down applications based on user configurable parameters
  • Increased resolution efficiency – find it and resolve it quickly
  • Mitigates risks of unscheduled outages or downtown
  • Resource usage identification (Human, Software, Hardware)
  • Anytime, anywhere notification… even in the event the network is down

As a strategic alliance Sybase partner, Bradmark is the recommended choice for monitoring and managing ASE, Replication Server and Sybase IQ investments that run on UNIX, Linux and Windows operating systems. With support for Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase and IBM database as well, Surveillance provides a single, integrated source for DBAs to manage multi-database, multi-OS system enterprises from a single source.

About Bradmark Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1981, privately-held Bradmark Technologies, Inc. develops, markets, sells and supports data management solutions that provide anytime — anywhere access to managing database, application and operating system components. Bradmark’s innovative product suites detect and prevent problems before they adversely affect productivity, ensuring that IT environments are up and operating at peak performance. Headquartered in Houston, Bradmark has offices in Seattle, Washington, London, Munich, the Netherlands and Beijing. Additionally, Bradmark reaches global audiences through a network of Channel Partners and International Distributors. For additional information, visit