Company Overview

Houston, TX_HeadquartersBradmark Technologies, Inc. is a privately held, Houston-based software company founded 1981. Providing industry leading database management solutions and services, Bradmark empowers IT organizations worldwide that demand high availability and high performance systems.

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Bradmark's mission is to provide data management solutions in support of our customer's business challenges.

Today, Bradmark is a full-service provider for SAP database and technology, providing: SAP database products, database monitoring technology, and consulting services. By acquiring integral solutions from a single supplier, Bradmark lowers a company’s overall TCO, and further increases its value to customers by becoming the single point of contact for planning and problem resolution.

Software500-Database Managment Software Providers Recognized among the world's top 500 largest software and service providers by Software Magazine.

Our flagship solution, Surveillance DB™ offers a comprehensive family of database management tools for , SAP-Sybase, MS SQL Server, Oracle and DB2-UDB databases — running on UNIX, Linux and Windows OS environments.

Bradmark's Founder and CEO, Mr. Bradley Tashenberg, is well versed in microcomputer technology. A recognized leader in the field of distributed data processing, he has authored several books on the topic. Over the last 32 years, he has fostered many computer software products and has received numerous awards for technical speaking. Through Bradmark, he has helped sponsor several scholarships within the HP user community and has made sizeable contributions to many art and music organizations.

Having served more than 350 of the Global 500 companies, and selling more than 15,000 licenses worldwide, Bradmark places emphasis on ensuring the success of its customers by providing a quality product coupled with the highest level of customer support. Bradmark prides itself as one of the first companies in the industry to offer 24x7x365 technical support.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, Bradmark also has a regional office in Seattle, and international offices in the UK, Germany and The Netherlands. Additionally, Bradmark reaches a global audience through a network of Channel Partners and International Distributors.