Surveillance DB™: Sybase ASE Monitoring Features

Bradmark's Surveillance DB™ monitors, reports, and alerts for key performance and utilization metrics providing a turnkey monitoring solution for your Sybase ASE environment.

In addition to the Surveillance standard features set (listed below), the following are specific features provided for Sybase ASE:


Standard Features

  • Monitor unlimited servers through its distributed agent architecture
  • Real-time, proactive monitoring, event-driven alerting and task dispatching
  • "Flashback" to the recent past and diagnose data to determine the root cause of an outage.
  • Allow DBAs to share information between the various agents, minimizing data retrieval and overhead while maximizing efficiency on complex networks.
  • Customizable client user interface that increases a DBA's effectiveness to view only the information they need to see.
  • Easy integration of Surveillance alerts with existing network console systems, such as Tivoli or OpenView.
  • Easy integration of existing SQL scripts into Surveillance, through the user-defined collection (UDC) capability.
  • Produce high quality reports from the Surveillance Centralized Repository Database, and generate numerous pre-defined reports for each monitored platform.

Specific Features/Benefits for Sybase ASE

  • Resolve application problems by quickly detecting blocked processes and high-load situations
  • Find long-running SQL and hot objects, in real-time or in the recent past using the Flashback feature
  • Monitor TempDB and transaction log usage to prevent failures
  • Improve performance using timed event profiles, process-level statistics, and runtime query plans
  • Get alerts on out-of-space conditions in databases and segments.
  • Report on storage trends and many other aspects of ASE