DBControl Online™ for Oracle

When there's no time for downtime, DBControl Online maintains your Oracle database while assuring 24 x 7 availability.


Constant additions, deletions and updates cause data to become disorganized. When that happens, retrieving data involves extensive CPU, I/O and elapsed time, costing time, money and end-user productivity. In turn, customers are lost and revenue decreases. To reduce these costs, data must be reorganized.

Traditional methods of database reorganization require taking the application offline, imposing unacceptable downtimes in 24 x 7 environments. Now, Bradmark provides a solution that eliminates these problems - DBControl Online.

Until now, the benefits of reorganizing have been weighed against the loss of data availability. When a company needed to perform a reorganization, its DBA would have to find a time when the database usage was low to provide enough downtime to stop objects and deny users access to data to perform a reorganization. However, growing demand for greater data access is making scheduled downtime increasingly difficult and undesirable. DBControl Online allows read and write access to Oracle data while reorganizations take place.