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Hewlett-Packard discontinues sales and support for the HP e3000

— How does it affect you

Bradmark has partnered with Hewlett-Packard and the HP 3000 community for more than 20 years. We highly value our friendships and relationships within Hewlett Packard, our customers and the HP 3000 user community. In spite of the recent announcement concerning the HP 3000, we will continue to support and partner with the Hewlett Packard 3000 community and look forward to maintaining and expanding that relationship.

Going forward, we will offer high-quality products and services that help our HP 3000 customers meet their business needs by continuing to enhance and support DBGeneral, DBAudit, Superdex and DiskSpace Manager. We realize that many of you will choose to remain with the HP 3000 and IMAGE for as long as possible and we’re here to help you now as well as in the future.

Many years ago, we expanded our product offerings to other platforms and database technologies. Bradmark is the only vendor of database tools in the HP 3000 market that can provide tools on the UNIX or NT platforms. Our Monitoring and Administration products for Enterprise Database Systems offer the same high-quality database tools that our DBGeneral customers have come to expect.

For those customers whose future plans include migrating to other computing platforms, we are ready to assist you in making that transition while protecting your investment with Bradmark products.

Q: As a DBGeneral customer, what incentive do I have to continue paying for product support/maintenance?

A: Bradmark has a long proud history of providing excellent customer service and can cite many examples of being there when our customers have needed us most. We will continue to support future HP hardware and OS upgrades for the 3000. For those customers under current software maintenance planning to migrate to UNIX or WIN32 platforms, we will exchange your DBGeneral license for a comparable product from our NORAD Suite.

Q: My company recently purchased a new A-class system (upgraded DBGeneral), what will happen when we convert to UNIX?

A: Bradmark is offering to exchange a DBGeneral license for a comparable product from our NORAD Suite to our customers who have purchased a new A or N class server and who are currently under and continue to pay software maintenance.

Q: We're currently on maintenance on an older system, what will happen to my investment in DBGeneral when we change platforms?

A: Bradmark recognizes that customers will continue to utilize the older model HP3000 without upgrading to the newer A/N-class systems to meet their business needs prior to migrating to other platforms. As such, we will extend the same migration offer to these customers, allowing them to exchange their DBGeneral license for a comparable product from our NORAD Suite.


Q: What platforms will you provide trade-in credit for?

A: All HP3000s under current DBGeneral maintenance will be able to take advantage of Bradmark's Rebate Rewards Program.


Q: We dropped support for DBGeneral earlier this year, can I take advantage of your program?

A: Yes. Simply contact your Bradmark representative and bring your maintenance up to date and you’ll be eligible to participate in the program.


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Q: What comparable products do you offer on other platforms?

A: NORAD is an integrated suite of monitoring and management tools used by DBAs to achieve the high availability, reliability and performance requirements of critical enterprise databases.


Q: We currently use another database tool, will you offer any special programs for us?

A: You bet! Contact your Bradmark representative for more information.


Q: When will the trade-in program for DBGeneral end?

A: This program to protect our customer’s investment in Bradmark’s database utility technology will be in place as long as necessary to support DBGeneral customer’s migration to other platforms/technologies.


Q: We have invested in the full suite of Bradmark products on the HP3000; including SUPERDEX, Disk Space Manager and DBAudit, what are Bradmark’s plans for these products?

A: We will continue to support and enhance these products for as long as our customers need them to meet their business needs.

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