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The following are recorded product webinars that provide key features and functionality within the Surveillance monitoring and event management solution.

Surveillance for Sybase

Essentials to Monitoring IQ 15.4 Performance
November 30,2011
:: Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ; 40 mins

This webcast is part of a continuing series of events for the ISUG IQ Virtual Users Group. Hear from guest speaker Rob Verschoor, Senior Technology Evangelist with Sybase, discuss the need for value-added tools designed to optimize columnar database technology.

Monitoring PlexQ in Sybase IQ 15.3 Utilizing Surveillance IQ
:: Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ; 40 mins
about the latest support for IQ 15.3 and how Surveillance IQ monitors Distributed Query Processing (DQP) and Logical Servers, plus Multiplex Interprocess Communication (MIPC)

Delivering Optimum Sybase IQ Efficiency Ensures High Availability Demands
::Surveillance IQ for Sybase IQ 40 mins
This webcast is part of a continuing series of events for the Sybase FSI-IQ User Group that are designed to highlight columnar database technology with essential solutions to exploit Sybase IQ.

Extreme Availability With ASE Cluster Edition
:: Surveillance DB for ASE Cluster Edition; 40 mins
Learn how you can ensure your ASE Cluster Edition systems are up and running and performing to agreed upon service levels. You'll learn how to identify potential problems before they happen, reduce database downtime, and virtually eliminate troubleshooting.

The Keys to Maximizing Uptime and Availability
::Surveillance DB for Sybase ASE/RepServer 40 mins
Hear about all the latest new features of Surveillance 4.1, and learn how Surveillance solutions can take you from chaos to proactive infrastructure management.

::Surveillance for Sybase 40 mins
Hear how Surveillance satisfies an organization’s system management requirements across a complete Sybase installation, so you can maintain a production-ready environment and your peace of mind.

The following product tutorials provide basic configuration and functionality in Surveillance and DBControl Online.

Surveillance DB

::Config Rules and Alerts 8:20 mins
::Blocked Sessions 8:20 mins

DBControl Online for Oracle

::Authority Management 6:02 mins (59 KB)
::Schema Administration 7:36 mins (76 KB)