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Download Datasheet:

DBGeneral (PDF; 430K)


Detail Set Partial Reorg
Bradmark announces a new module for DBGeneral which has the ability to perform detail set reorganizations, improving access performance of IMAGE databases.

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Author Sally Blackwell, Hewlett-Packard Ltd., compares and contrasts DBGeneral and other database utilities for the HP e3000. This whitepaper offers information to help customers migrate from HP's DBChangePlus utility.

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The comprehensive database management solution that provides peak performance for the IMAGE database environment.

Since 1981, DBGeneral has supported the evolution of the HP 3000 database management system by consistently helping DBAs keep their systems performing efficiently and effectively. DBGeneral has many easy-to-use options that boost performance and identify critical problems, then make DBMS repairs as needed. Simply stated, DBGeneral is one of the most comprehensive database utilities available.

Breaking the 4GB Ceiling

DBGeneral resolves HP's four-gigabyte file size limitation designed specifically to meet the needs of user's with large databases that require a high-performing, high-capacity tool to manage their database environment. With this new technology, DBGeneral can manage large amounts of data efficiently, allowing product features to be applied to any size database.

Key Benefits

  • Stays in control...
    Avoids full datasets using set parameters to automatically monitor capacities. Adjusts master datasets through capacity sampling. 

  • Maximizes response time...
    Eliminates delays caused by broken chains and other technical breakdowns. 

  • Completes diagnostics fast...
    Quickly finds and fixes database performance or structural problems. 

  • Makes changes on-the-fly...
    Performs multiple item changes in a single operation while preserving all live data.

  • Saves time...
    Creates small test and training bases without duplicating entire production bases. 

  • Supports HP enhancements...
    Supports major HP operating system enhancements such as Jumbo datasets, Dynamic Detail Dataset Expansion (DDX), Third Party Indexing (TPI), and B-Tree.