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Delivering Optimum Sybase IQ Efficiency Ensures High Availability Demands

This webcast is part of a continuing series of events for the Sybase FSI-IQ User Group that are designed to highlight columnar database technology with essential solutions to exploit Sybase IQ.

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Announcing Sybase IQ 15.3 support with PlexQ — Now monitor logical clusters, shared temporary stores, and PlexQ, or Distributed Query Processing (DQP)


Bradmark’s Surveillance IQ monitors views, reports, and alerts for key performance and utilization metrics providing a turnkey monitoring solution for your Sybase IQ environment.

Surveillance IQ now provides centralized views of all open transactions and associated “other versions”. In a Sybase IQ multiplex environment, “other versions” resolution is a timeconsuming, manual process whereby requiring a DBA to collect information from every server.

The new multiplex alerts and comprehensive dashboard provide proactive monitoring and quick problem diagnosis to ensure availability and reduce the time spent by DBA staff solving multiplex related issues. DBAs can also analyze external files such as the Catalog Store, Catalog Log, IQ Message File, and the server log directory for size and available space and the configuration view shows the IQ configuration settings