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Bradmark's solutions for Oracle® databases are essential applications that supports a DBA or SA's proactive infrastructure management needs. Bradmark's Surveillance and DBControl maximizes system availability and uptime by enabling best-in-class monitoring and administration technology to ensure business continuity.

Monitoring and Event Management

Surveillance DB
Provides you peace-of-mind, knowing that the databases that are the core of your business applications are being continually monitored. Surveillance DB is a monitoring tool capable of overseeing your entire Oracle environment. A DBA can view real-time performance data without writing scripts, reducing the need for a large, skilled staff to trace problems.

Surveillance OS
Proactive monitoring and management for Oracle business-critical
databases, operating systems and applications.

Database Administration and Performance Tuning

DBControl Online
Provides uninterrupted data availability while performing reorgs, structural changes and partition management in your Oracle environment. Perform critical maintenance during regular hours, allowing the DBAs to take more, holidays, evenings and weekends off.

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