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See the latest Sybase Webinar featuring: Surveillance for ASE and Rep Server

Join Rob Verschoor, Senior Evangelist Sybase, Inc and Bradmark's Cindy Bean, Pre- Sales Manager as they host this one-hour Web seminar to demonstrate how Surveillance can transform your IT environment from chaos to proactive infrastructure management.


The Evolution of Information
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Surveillance Overview

Bradmark's Surveillance™ monitoring solution is the only comprehensive, end-to-end monitoring tool that supports your entire Sybase stack — as well as the operating systems. Surveillance helps you monitor, manage and control simple to complex data environments with integrated toolset that gives you the power to improve database quality, productivity and performance. So now, you can deliver tangible business value by minimizing time to deployment, meeting service level agreements, reducing costs and optimizing performance.

End-To-End Sybase Monitoring

Surveillance can be up and running out of the box in a matter of minutes and DBAs can take advantage of this powerful monitoring suite immediately. From the simple to the complex, Surveillance will grow and develop with your team and is the only end-to-end monitoring tool for every Sybase environment as well as the operating systems and other database environments.

Surveillance helps organizations:

  • Maximize availability and performance for applications, databases and underlying technology

  • Leverage scarce technical resources through automated management, control, availability and integrity of systems

  • Reduce the threat of unplanned downtime by quickly alerting IT staff of problems before conditions become critical