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The Evolution of Information
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Surveillance Features
Whether you are running a data warehouse application, high availability online transaction system or a regular database, you need tools to ensure that your systems are up and running and performing to agreed service levels. In the past, these tools may have come from various manufacturers, employing multiple interfaces and disparate technologies.

Now the choice is simple. Bradmark’s Surveillance is the first comprehensive and cross-functional set of monitoring tools that satisfy all of your data management needs across your entire Sybase installation and beyond. Through a common interface and a highly scaleable technology, you can now monitor and maintain all of your systems and keep your end users happy.

Standard Features
  • Monitor unlimited servers through its distributed agent architecture
  • Real-time, proactive monitoring, event-driven alerting and task dispatching
  • “Flashback” to the recent past and diagnose data to determine the root cause of an outage.
  • Allow DBAs to share information between the various agents, minimizing data retrieval and overhead while maximizing efficiency on complex networks.
  • Customizable client user interface that increases a DBA’s effectiveness to view only the information they need to see.
  • Easy integration of Surveillance alerts with existing network console systems, such as Tivoli or OpenView.
  • Easy integration of existing SQL scripts into Surveillance, through the user-defined collection (UDC) capability.
  • Produce high quality reports from the Surveillance Centralized Repository Database, and generate numerous pre-defined reports for each monitored platform
Surveillance DB for Sybase ASE
  • Resolve application problems by quickly detecting blocked processes
    and high-load situations
  • Find long-running SQL and hot objects, in real-time or in the recent
    past using the Flashback feature
  • Monitor TempDB and transaction log usage to prevent failures
  • Improve performance using timed event profiles, process-level
    statistics, and runtime query plans
  • Get alerts on out-of-space conditions in databases and segments.
  • Report on storage trends and many other aspects of ASE

Surveillance IQ
  • Understand who are the power users and the impact they are having on the IQ system
  • View detailed transactions and their resource utilization
  • Manage resources to ensure a balanced system performance
  • Be alerted immediately of issues affecting system availability and performance
  • Use historical data to predict and plan future system requirements
  • Produce reports for management on key service level statistics

Surveillance RS
  • Ensures that all components of a Replication Server environment are available and functioning properly
  • Analyzes the Replication Server errorlog and alerts you to critical errors
  • Monitors replication transaction activity
  • Monitors the replication partition space and alerts you before it fills to capacity
  • Alerts on the occurrence of exception transactions and allows you to resolve them in a timely fashion, keeping the databases in sync


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