DBControl Online™: Product Comparision

DBControl Online vs.
Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) for Online Reorg

For Oracle users, DBControl Online clearly provides the competitive advantage when performing database reorganizations, structural changes or partition management.



Note: Only OEM for Oracle 9i and later supports online redefinition.

Point / FeatureDBControl OnlineOEM
Oracle 8.1.7, 8.1.6, and 8.0YesNo
Protect against
"ORA-01555: Snapshot too old"
User-defined data types (ADTs)YesYes, for 10.2
No, for 10.1
Single partition reorgYesNo
Single sub-partition reorgYesNo
Change partitioning (ie.e. range to hash)YesNo
Table without primary keyYesYes, for 9.2
No, for 9.0
Full structure changeYesNo
Advanced Queueing (AQ) TableYesYes, for 10.2
No, for 10.1
Robust recompiling of related objects in Oracle
Applications / E-Business Suite
Archiving / FilteringYesNo
Track real-time progressYesNo
Schedule switchoverYesNo
Tables propagated by
Change Data Capture (CDC)
Can preserve object IDYesNo
Manage (Abort, Recover, etc.) individual tables in multi-table reorgYesNo
Parallel multi-table reorgYesNo