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Bradmark Unveils the Latest Version of Surveillance IQ™ for Sybase IQ

Surveillance IQ™ now has comprehensive multiplex support with centralized views of versions and transactions, object access statistics, historical SQL text and runtime statistics and much more

HOUSTON, TX —Nov. 13, 2006— Bradmark Technologies, Inc., an established provider of data management solutions, today announces the general availability of Surveillance IQ™ version 3.0.5. Bradmark's Surveillance IQ™ provides real-time diagnostic monitoring, unattended event management, and historical reporting related to the performance of your Sybase IQ servers. Key enhancement features include: comprehensive multiplex monitoring, SQL execution analysis, table capacity and utilization analysis, and much more.

In a Sybase IQ database, long-running transactions can cause a build-up of "other versions" of database pages. "Other versions" can result in a full data store thus causing availability issues. In a Sybase IQ multiplex environment, "other versions" resolution is a time-consuming, manual process whereby a DBA collects information from every server in a multiplex environment. Surveillance IQ™ provides a centralized view of all open transactions and associated "other versions." In addition, a comprehensive dashboard provides a status view of all the servers in a multiplex environment.

The new SQL analysis feature captures SQL execution statistics, which can be used to determine who ran what SQL, when they ran it, and how long it took to run. This information is useful for performance analysis as well as to help address audit compliance.

The table capacity and utilization analysis feature identifies and tracks high growth tables and helps identify hot tables to optimize resources. This also helps identify what tables and columns are never accessed in queries, which is particularly useful in data warehouse environments, to help eliminate unnecessary data loads and storage utilization.

According to Tom Callaghan, Vice President of Technical Services, " This release of Surveillance IQ adds significant new monitoring features that will prove essential for managing large Sybase IQ databases, especially in multiplex environments. The new multiplex alerts and dashboard view provide proactive monitoring and quick problem diagnosis to ensure availability and reduce the time spent by DBA staff solving multiplex related issues."

Surveillance IQ also provides monitoring views, reports, and alerts for key performance and utilization metrics providing a turnkey monitoring solution for your Sybase IQ environment. DBAs can analyze external files such as the Catalog Store, Catalog Log, IQ Message File, and the server log directory for size and available space and the configuration view shows the IQ configuration settings. Standard alerts provide notification of all parameters that would take an IQ database offline or negatively affect its performance.

In addition to Sybase IQ, Bradmark provides the only complete monitoring solution for the entire Sybase environment, including tools for Sybase ASE 15 and Replication Server. Bradmark's Surveillance implements a unique agent-based architecture, suited to any size implementation. The server agents occupy very small footprints, usually as low as 2% of the system resources and have minimal impact on network traffic. Users can utilize a standard set of rules or create customized rules and alerts for every conceivable condition and organizational structure.

Bradmark is the only database tool vendor providing these kinds of solutions to the Sybase community. Callaghan noted, "This is a key strategic direction that reinforces our commitment to our partnership with Sybase." Surveillance is available direct from Bradmark Technologies or through its worldwide network of distributors.

About Bradmark Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 1981, privately-held Bradmark Technologies, Inc. develops, markets, sells and supports data management solutions that provide anytime — anywhere access to managing database, application and operating system components. Bradmark’s innovative product suites detect and prevent problems before they adversely affect productivity, ensuring that IT environments are up and operating at peak performance. Headquartered in Houston, Bradmark has offices in San Jose, California, Seattle, Washington, London, Munich, Hong Kong and The Netherlands. Additionally, Bradmark reaches global audiences through a network of Channel Partners and International Distributors. For additional information, visit

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