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Bradmark Enters South African Market With Appointment of Sybase SA as Distributor

HOUSTON, TX — June 28, 2007 — Bradmark Technologies, Inc., an established provider of data management solutions has announced its entry into the South African market with the appointment of Sybase SA as its distributor for Africa.

According to Allan Lobeck, Vice President of Worldwide Operations for Bradmark Technologies, Bradmark recognises South Africa as an increasingly important economy. “With a strong Sybase community we are looking to augment our growing Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) presence by aggressively pursuing the marketplace within these regions,” he says.

Lobeck states that Bradmark is the only database tool vendor providing the full range of Sybase monitoring solutions. “We are simply responding to the growing demand throughout SA for our data management solution, and the requests for Bradmark products from the region are on the rise,” says Lobeck. “Our development team has spent an extensive amount of time listening to both Sybase and its user community to determine what they want in database management tools and have responded to those needs.”

Commenting on Bradmark’s appointment of Sybase SA, Lobeck cites that Bradmark received a number of direct enquiries from Africa for its products, and recognised the need for a local presence that could professionally represent and support its customers in the region. “We believe that Sybase SA offers this, and by teaming with Sybase SA through this alliance, we can offer customers an unprecedented solution; ensuring that customers’ databases run efficiently, consistently and with maximum up time,” he adds. “This appointment also forms part of our key strategic direction which reinforces Bradmark’s commitment to its partnership with Sybase on a global scale.”

Under the distribution agreement, Sybase SA will supply Bradmark’s Surveillance product set of cross functional, real time monitoring, management and reporting database and operating system tools. “Bradmark provides Sybase clients with a comprehensive product suite to monitor and manage Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE), Sybase Replication Server, Sybase IQ, Sybase Mirror Activator and their operating systems,” says Sybase SA’s General Manager, Johan Reynders.

He says that Sybase SA understands that many organisations now have mixed database environments. “Therefore, the Bradmark product set suits our Sybase SA business model where we deliver solutions to mixed environments,” he explains. “Having one monitoring tool for multiple databases makes life easier for the database administrator, as well as IT management who can look at one report format for all the various databases.”
Bradmark also provides Surveillance products to monitor environments involving multiple variants of UNIX, Linux and Windows operating Systems.

Whether organisations are running data warehouse applications, high availability online transaction systems or regular databases, Reynders says that they need tools to ensure that their systems are up and running and performing to agreed service levels. “Bradmark’s Surveillance product range is the first comprehensive, cross-function set of monitoring tools that can address data management needs across an organisation’s entire Sybase installation and beyond.”

Reynders concludes that Sybase SA is committed to developing and maintaining relationships with software companies that provide database management tools that are complementary to the Sybase SA offering.

About Bradmark Technologies, Inc.
Founded in 1981, privately-held Bradmark Technologies, Inc. develops, markets, sells and supports data management solutions that provide anytime — anywhere access to managing database, application and operating system components. Bradmark’s innovative product suites detect and prevent problems before they adversely affect productivity, ensuring that IT environments are up and operating at peak performance. Headquartered in Houston, Bradmark has offices in San Jose, California, Seattle, Washington, London, Munich, Hong Kong and The Netherlands. Additionally, Bradmark reaches global audiences through a network of Channel Partners and International Distributors. For additional information, visit

About Sybase SA
Sybase SA is the sole African representative of Sybase Inc. the largest global enterprise software company exclusively focused on managing and mobilising information from the data centre to the point of action. Sybase provides open, cross-platform solutions that securely deliver information anytime, anywhere, enabling customers to create an information edge. The world’s most critical data in commerce, finance, government, healthcare and defence runs on Sybase. For more information, visit the Sybase Website at or

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