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Enterprise Software Agreement Program

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Bradmark ESA program

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Bradmark Redefines Software Pricing


What are the facts?

The software industry has become notorious for achieving extraordinarily high gross margins and locking its customers into long-term version upgrades with excessive maintenance charges. Software companies routinely quote list prices then quickly revert to a discount schedule that runs up to 50% or more off list. Do you have to haggle over all of your business purchases in this manner?

We know that it is difficult to plan your budget when hardware and software upgrades result in unexpected new license fees and continually increasing annual maintenance charges. It's even worse if your business is unpredictable or expanding rapidly.

Over the past few years, software companies have announced a wide range of new licensing options that claim to move away from high license fees and recurring maintenance charges. However, there is always some form of "payback" either at the end of the term or through quarterly or annual license reconciliation.

With Bradmark's announcement of the Enterprise Software Agreement (ESA), there is now a genuine alternative. If you want to move away from:

  • Excessive license fees
  • Complex seat or server based pricing
  • High recurring maintenance charges
  • Expensive upgrade costs
  • Quarterly or annual license reconciliations
  • Professional service fees

then the Bradmark ESA could fulfill your objectives, both financially and technologically.

What is Bradmark's ESA?

Enterprise licensing from Bradmark redefines the way the industry prices software.
The agreement provides:

  • Single, enterprise-wide agreement for all licenses
  • No quarterly or annual reconciliation for the term of the agreement
  • Fixed maintenance schedules with pre-agreed terms
  • Access to the latest technology for database and operating system monitoring and administration
  • Generous trade-in terms for existing competitive licenses
  • Extraordinary return-on-investment compared with traditional license model

Do you want to know more?

If you are the budget holder and have already decided that you want to reduce your current spending, then you should call us. We will meet with you to establish your financial goals and construct an ESA that works best for you and your company. We hope to demonstrate to you that not only is our ESA offering very attractive but we are friendly people who are easy to do business with. We are confident that once you get to know us you will realize that we are truly different from our competitors.