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What is the business value of Bradmark Professional Services?

Our Professional Services engagements are designed to help customers realize the long-term benefits associated with performing proactive resource utilization assessments customized for their environment. Our consultants will document findings and recommendations based on the analysis performed for the client and provide a roadmap for implementing the recommendations. The consultant also provides informal mentoring to the DBA staff in the areas of performance tuning and best practices.

Why are Companies Considering this Service Package Now?

Many customers request that one of our product experts come in and ensure that they have implemented the products in the best possible way for their needs.

Bradmark has implemented many features for which an assessment by a product expert is necessary as not all customer DBAs have the latest training and may not recognize areas to which the new features are best suited.

Data repository usage has expanded past the reporting server days and some of the more complex routing mechanisms require some expertise to achieve expected performance.

The engineers at Bradmark Professional Services have extensive experience in system hardware, operating systems and database software. It is this multi-level experience that allows us to help you get the optimal performance from your system.

Bradmark customers can achieve the best results possible from their software investment with the help of our Professional Services organization. As a leader in database management solutions, we offer consulting services delivered by a worldwide team of experts to get your environment up and running quickly and working more efficiently — whether your business is conducted inside the office or on the road.

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Services to Meet Your Needs

Our services often commence with the installation and configuration or upgrade of Bradmark products and can include ongoing management of them as needed. Our experienced consultants can join your organization’s team for short durations or longer-term projects, onsite or remote.

Our customers are assured of the credibility of our services staff, their technology expertise and the quality of their work. Our primary objectives include:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of database tools through implementation of best practices
  • Ensure the client’s ability to use the features available in the latest releases of Bradmark products
  • Validate the stability of the database environment in which Bradmark solutions have been deployed
  • Align products with the customers current operating environment

As part of our drive to pioneer best-practices solutions, our services team acts as a virtual extension of our engineering team. Our consultants are able to influence the future direction and evolution of Surveillance platforms based on first-hand knowledge of customer requirements and suggestions. And with our heavy focus on research, continuing education and innovation, you can be confident that our consultants will continue to be the unmatched experts in Bradmark products.