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(Printable PDF; 180K)

Surveillance RS monitors the availability and performance of the Sybase Replication Server and can be used in conjunction with the ASE and operating system components to provide a complete view of the system. One window, with drill-down capability, provides a high-level overview of reliability and performance metrics such as thread status, partition utilization, inbound SQM activity, outbound DSI queues, transaction exceptions, memory utilization and the status of warm standby pairs.

Additionally, configuration of the Replication Server is monitored, including all configuration parameters stored in the RSSD that affect operations. The full functionality of Surveillance RS is available to implement custom rules and alerts for the organizational and operational requirements of the business.

In addition to the Surveillance standard features set (listed below), the following are specific features provided for Sybase Replication Server:

Key Features/Benefits for Sybase Replication Server
  • Using out-of-the-box collections, Surveillance RS provides useful information on Replication Server Health, Replication Server Statistics, Replication Server Configuration, Receive Alerts and Alarms that warn of potential problems

  • Ensure availability and performance for all components of a Replication Server environment

  • Analyze the Replication Server errorlog and alert DBAs to critical errors

  • Monitor replication transaction activity

  • Monitor the replication partition space and alert you before it fills to capacity

  • Get alerts on exception transactions so that they can be resolved in a timely fashion, keeping the databases in sync.

  • Measure replication latency and throughput

Standard Features

  • Monitor unlimited servers through its distributed agent architecture
  • Real-time, proactive monitoring, event-driven alerting and task dispatching
  • “Flashback” to the recent past and diagnose data to determine the root cause of an outage.
  • Allow DBAs to share information between the various agents, minimizing data retrieval and overhead while maximizing efficiency on complex networks.
  • Customizable client user interface that increases a DBA’s effectiveness to view only the information they need to see.
  • Easy integration of Surveillance alerts with existing network console systems, such as Tivoli or OpenView.
  • Easy integration of existing SQL scripts into Surveillance, through the user-defined collection (UDC) capability.
  • Produce high quality reports from the Surveillance Centralized Repository Database, and generate numerous pre-defined reports for each monitored platform


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