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Database Administration and Schema Evolution for the IBM DB2 Universal Database Environment

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Bradmark Announces the General Availability of DBControl for DB2 UDB

HOUSTON — July 31, 2003 — Bradmark Technologies, Inc. an established provider of enterprise monitoring and database administration tools, today announces the General Availability of DBControl for IBM’s DB2 Universal Database (DB2 UDB). This significant release represents the culmination of two years intensive effort by Bradmark’s in-house development team.

DBControl is a fully integrated suite of tools designed to help the DBA monitor and maintain a single relational database environment or an enterprise of hundreds of disparate servers and databases. DBControl is the most comprehensive product suite on the market for maintaining database and system availability. “ The acceptance of IBM’s DB2 UDB database is growing extremely rapidly and this announcement positions Bradmark to take advantage of this marketplace,” stated Steve Hayward, Vice President of Bradmark’s R&D team, “We are very proud of the results of the past two years development effort.”


How Much Downtime Can You Afford?

Special Supplement
Published in DM Review; June 2002

In the past, only a few applications were considered critical enough to require high availability. These were usually found in large companies in selected industries
such as financial services and telecommunications.

More recently, as new technologies such as the Internet have emerged, businesses have introduced many new applications that would not have been possible even a year or two ago. These new applications have improved productivity, provided better information to decision-makers and increased the speed of business transactions. But they have also made companies much more dependent on their computer systems. Many more businesses than ever before cannot operate effectively if key applications are down.

The new global market makes demands on information technology systems around the clock. At any time of day, it’s the prime business hour somewhere in the world. The Internet and electronic commerce allow people to order goods and services at any hour. With traditional database reorganization methods, international companies with geographically dispersed users cannot avoid locking out some of their users.

Fortunately, Bradmark now offers DBControl Online, a solution for high database availability that will allow your organization to achieve a competitive edge. The database/transaction services layer usually requires a large, central database that dictates a highend, scalable server system to support high transaction activity and large amounts of storage capacity. Constant additions, deletions and updates can cause data to become disorganized. When databases are disorganized, retrieving data involves extensive CPU, I/O and elapsed time and is costly in terms of time, money and end-user productivity. To reduce these costs, data must be reorganized.

Traditionally, the benefits of reorganizing have been weighed against the loss of data availability. At one time, when a company needed to perform a reorganization or
other database maintenance, its DBA would have to find a time when the database usage was low to provide enough downtime to stop objects and deny users access to data to perform a reorganization. The growing demand for greater data access is making scheduled downtime increasingly difficult and undesirable. DBControl Online allows greater access to Oracle data while reorganizations and structural changes take place.

DBControl Online is more than just a reorg tool. DBControl Online performs online structural changes, online partition management, security administration, schema management, trend analysis and SQL tuning of Oracle databases. The easy-to-use GUI allows DBAs to change storage parameters, move tables to new tablespaces, and reorganize indexes while users remain online and the system remain functional. Integrated into DBControl is the ability to alert or dispatch other tasks based on status changes or the completion of an online job. DBControl can keep the DBA informed as to the status of online tasks via email, a page, SNMP traps or running any program or script.
DBControl Online lets DBAs use maintenance windows for other hardware and software tasks such as back-ups, installations and upgrades. Since you can now
run reorgs during the day, there is no longer a need to have a DBA on call at night in case something happens to your reorganization job. Finally, DBControl allows DBAs to
take nights, weekends and holidays off!

Bradmark Technologies is the established market leader in Online Database Management™. Bradmark is unique in delivering tools that enable DBAs to implement
structural change and perform database reorganizations without impacting user productivity or application availability. While other vendors provide tools for database change management or reorganization, none delivers the integrated technologies necessary to support today’s global 24x7 businesses. By also providing an integrated suite to address operating system and database monitoring and management, Bradmark is delivering solutions for those companies where there’s no time for downtime.

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