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Bradmark’s SurveillanceIQ™ monitors, reports, and alerts for key performance and utilization metrics providing a turnkey monitoring solution for your Sybase IQ environment.

Multiplex Monitoring
In a Sybase IQ multiplex environment, “other versions” resolution is a time-consuming, manual process requiring a DBA to collect information from every server. The new multiplex alerts and comprehensive dashboard provide proactive monitoring and quick problem diagnosis to ensure availability and reduce the time spent by DBA staff solving multiplex related issues. DBAs can also analyze external files such as the Catalog Store, Catalog Log, IQ Message File, and the server log directory for size and available space, and the configuration view shows the IQ configuration settings.

In addition to the Surveillance standard features set (listed below), the following are specific features provided for Sybase IQ:

Key Features/Benefits for Sybase IQ
  • Monitoring of Sybase IQ 15.3 is supported, with logical clusters, shared temporary stores, and PlexQ, or Distributed Query Processing (DQP)
  • The Recently Executed Statements Window mines IQ SQL Log information on IQ 15
  • Surveillance IQ provides real-time statistics on memory allocation, buffer and storage utilization, and disk and network I/O
  • Ensure that your entire IQ Multiplex environment is healthy and available
  • Monitor the key metric of Other Versions due to connections or Multiplex query servers
  • Find recently-executed SQL for the database or specific connections
  • Connections are shown with their resource utilization, detailed drilldowns to transactions, SQL, and lock information
  • Monitor all open transactions and their resources
  • Analyze space usage by external files such as the Catalog Store, Catalog Log, IQ Message File
  • Alert on parameters that would take an IQ database offline or negatively affect its performance
  • Report on table and column usage, index advice

Standard Features

  • Monitor unlimited servers through its distributed agent architecture
  • Real-time, proactive monitoring, event-driven alerting and task dispatching
  • “Flashback” to the recent past and diagnose data to determine the root cause of an outage.
  • Allow DBAs to share information between the various agents, minimizing data retrieval and overhead while maximizing efficiency on complex networks.
  • Customizable client user interface that increases a DBA’s effectiveness to view only the information they need to see.
  • Easy integration of Surveillance alerts with existing network console systems, such as Tivoli or OpenView.
  • Easy integration of existing SQL scripts into Surveillance, through the user-defined collection (UDC) capability.
  • Produce high quality reports from the Surveillance Centralized Repository Database, and generate numerous pre-defined reports for each monitored platform


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