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In May 2004, the ICC-Lab of SAP AG Walldorf conducted an Integration Assessment of Bradmark's DBControl Online for Oracle solution, which provides uninterrupted data availability while performing data reorganization and partition management of SAP - Oracle database. The results of the assessment certified that DBControl Online successfully met test requirements and poses no risk to SAP customers.

Afterwhich, Bradmark worked with SAP to develop the Oracle Database Online Reorganisation Packaged Service, which enables SAP customers to enjoy the performance and storage benefits of data reorganisation without the costs associated with end user.

Oracle Database Reorganisation
Packaged Service

Uninterrupted data availability during data reorganisation

The SAP Oracle Database Reorganisation Packaged Service enables SAP customers using an Oracle database to reorganise business-critical databases while SAP remains operational and fully available to users. Reorganisations are performed on SAP/Oracle databases to reclaim fragmented or wasted space and increase the speed of data access. Data reorganisation also improves availability by optimising database layout.

Benefits at a Glance

  • Ensures 24/7 availability by performing reorganizations online, providing complete read and write access to your database applications
  • Reclaims wasted disk space, reducting the need for additional storage expenditures
  • Optimises query response times and system performance
  • Reduces DBA overtime costs

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