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Disk Space Manager
(PDF; 430K)

For all sales inquiries or additional product information, contact your regional Bradmark sales representative. 

24 Hours-a-day,
7 Days-a-week

Execute a single command to defragment and recover unusable, inefficient disk space... On-line.

Disk Space Manager takes advantage of Hewlett-Packard's Transaction Manager, assuring safe and fast performance without compromising data integrity.

All Functions On-line
Disk Space Manager performs all the functions of a typical reload on-line. With defragmentation, fragmented free space is no longer a problem. A single command combines small, unusable free chunks into larger, usable ones. This process is performed with no adverse effects to users' data. When a large chunk of free space is needed for operating system updates, new application loading, or using HP Sort, for example: Disk Space Manager allows a goal size to be defined creating the necessary space.

Key Benefits

  • No Downtime ... Recovers unusable, inefficient disk space by consolidating larger, usable extents on-line.

  • Free-up Space...  Automatically truncates unused file portions that MPE leaves behind, and recovers thousands of sectors of usable disk space in seconds.

  • Boosts Performance ... Spreads heavily-used random access files across several drives to enhance I/O performance and reduce data file fragmentation. 

  • Improves Performance ... Combines sequential access files into a single extent. 

  • Saves Time ... Combines new drives into a volume set, balancing I/O without reloading the entire system.

  • Better Organization ...  Eases management of disk environment by automatically processing set defragmentation and by combining, spreading and truncating files.