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Bradmark Reveals Integrated Monitoring Solution

NORAD Solution Provides Complete Database and Operating System Monitoring

HOUSTON — February 20, 2003 — Bradmark Technologies, Inc., an established provider of enterprise monitoring and database administration tools, today announced the completion of a 10-year investment in the development of an integrated interface for database administrators to monitor Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 databases.

"We developed NORAD from the ground up," says Brad Tashenberg, Chairman and CEO of Bradmark. "We didn’t purchase a diverse set of products from separate companies, repackage and bundle them together to call them an integrated suite. Our distributed system, database and operating system monitoring solution has been in production for a number of years. Over that time, in response to market demand we have added support for new databases and enhanced product functionality. Our customers can invest with confidence in a mature, reliable system that utilizes a common framework through which all of its functionality has been integrated."

NORAD is a fully integrated suite of tools designed to help the DBA monitor and maintain a single relational database environment or an enterprise of hundreds of disparate servers and databases. The underlying architecture utilizes an intelligent agent model, which is connected through a flexible console structure and CORBA-like middleware connectivity software.

NORAD® Surveillance™ plays the role of an early warning system, performing real-time monitoring of the database or operating system environment, historical monitoring for future analysis, event management, monitoring through a rules-based structure, and alarming and alerting to notify users of critical problems.

When combined with NORAD® DBControl Online the full functionality of NORAD allows you to maintain your database online, ensure the highest level of availability, and keep your system optimized at all times with one product. In a large heterogeneous environment where many different database applications, relational database technologies and server platforms coexist, a product like NORAD is a tremendous asset to the DBA.

NORAD is the most comprehensive product suite on the market for maintaining database and system availability. NORAD Surveillance will notify a DBA before something goes wrong, eliminating unplanned downtime. NORAD DBControl works online without requiring maintenance windows, which helps reduce and sometimes eliminate the need for planned downtime. NORAD Precision Tuning makes code run more efficiently, eliminating the need for new resources.

About Bradmark Technologies, Inc.

Founded in 1981, privately-held Bradmark Technologies, Inc. develops, markets, sells and supports data management solutions that provide anytime ¸ anywhere access to managing database, application and operating system components. BradmarkÔs innovative product suites detect and prevent problems before they adversely affect productivity, ensuring that IT environments are up and operating at peak performance. Headquartered in Houston, Bradmark has offices in San Jose, California, Seattle, Washington, London, Munich, and The Netherlands. Additionally, Bradmark reaches global audiences through a network of Channel Partners and International Distributors. For additional information, visit